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Friday, 25 May 2018

Finally HOPE has a web home

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I would like, finally, to welcome you on HOPE new web home at

Finally I had sometime to put Joomla! and the wonderful theme from Gavick onto the web hosting service of sourceforge.

I will be customizing the menus over the couple of days to give the site its final shape, hoping that it will function as an engine to post and collect feedback on HOPE since its first days.

I've, for now, added a section for documentation and a couple of categories for the different life cycle phases, I'm planning to document. individual documents and pages will be posted and hopefully logically organized one at a time.

As my goals changed from releasing something fast to every article is by itself a release I don't intend to rush any thing, I will take my time to research, diagram, document and then post the result of the previous activities. hoping to minimize the rework as much a possible.


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